BLER develops innovative security and cyber intelligence solutions to

meet a wide range of operational needs and prevent security threats.

BLER works with major law enforcement agencies and intelligence

organizations worldwide.

BLER generates accurate and reliable target profile data automatically

and enables investigators to focus primarily on case investigation activities.
■ Mass Profiling: Build a personal profile from thousands of mobile
devices in minutes.
■ Multiple Web Sources: Collect information from the widest range
of social networks and web applications.
■ Profile Analytics: Perform keyword spotting, target spotting, track
events and discover social connections.
■ Forensics: Generate a target profile based on an unknown
number extracted from a device at the forensics laboratory.

Our Team
Uri Boros, CEO


Uri is a seasoned veteran in the high tech industry with over 20 years' experience working for global leaders in the security and intelligence industries.  Uri also brings extensive experience as an entrepreneur and maintains close relationships with key contacts in the Cyber and Intelligence industry in Israel, Asia Pacific, Europe and America.

Efim Lerner, CTO


Efim brings global experience in the implementation of large scale intelligence and security projects worldwide. Efim has a strong technology background and has gained a proven track record in the development of fast-time-to-market products.

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