BLER SYSTEMS unveils new disruptive GTM system

Geo Target Monitor solution will be officially launched at ISS Conference Prague, CZ.

BLER SYSTEMS, a leading international web intelligence company will be unveiling its new advanced GTM (geo target monitor) system, able to precisely recognize humans at given physical locations.

The system's sophisticated algorithm allows for analysts to target, recognize, profile and prevent or apprehend hostile elements located anywhere in the world. Applying smart segmentation, BLER GTM can connect the physical person to their online activity and thus prevent execution of malicious acts or apprehend the perpetrators after the crime has been committed. No matter whether it's a mass gathering like a protest or strike or an individual moving target, the system can identify each and every one of the people in that particular chosen geographical radius. The software can identify faces and offer the exact location of a suspect.

Efim Lerner, BLER Co-Founder and CTO: "We are excited to launch this advanced system. In the present reality of constant terror and criminal threats in a world of total inter-connectivity between the physical and virtual worlds- our Open Source (OSINT) sophisticated solution allows to effectively tackle these threats. Our GTM proves that all the info is there – presented to us openly in "broad daylight". We only need intelligent smart tools to efficiently recognize and analyze it, in order to offer the results. And this is what we do for our clients."

The system, which has already been installed in several places in Asia, will be officially launched at company's talk at ISS Prague, Cz, on June 7th. "For us it was the right place to officially launch the product. Our customers will be there and we will successfully showcase our capability. We are very optimistic about the prospects of this system and are sure to leave the event with a list of leads to follow on after the show", said Uri Boros, BLER Co-Founder and CEO.

As with everything else in the sphere, security technology tends to have broader than its original sphere application. Thus, GTM can serve advertisers in precise targeting of the designated market clients. Smart segmentation is precisely that!

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