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Updated: Jul 15, 2018

Digital communication and the ability to easily and instantly interact online enrich the lives of billions. However, not everyone is leveraging this technology for the purpose of creating a better world.

Terrorists, criminals and fraudsters are expert at utilizing the Web and mobile apps to communicate, plan and execute their crimes. And they do this in an increasingly sophisticated manner – using advanced cyber techniques to lurk in the shadows and anonymity of the Web. Consequently, the task of real-time intelligence gathering and analysis has never been more challenging.

BLER WEBINT CENTER is a unique suite of innovative security and cyber intelligence systems with risk analysis and predictive capabilities. BLER WEBINT CENTER proactively scours the Web and other diverse sources for digital footprints; gathering, synthesizing and analyzing vast amounts of disparate data; then cutting through the noise to connect the dots.

This enables your team to focus on case building rather than information gathering. Exceptional features include:

· Link analysis to identify social connections

· Sentiment analysis that recognizes the feelings behind words

· Advanced face analytics capabilities

· Identification of Dark Web marketplace activities

· Location tracking services, and

· Post timeline analytics for deeper understanding of targets

The actionable, real-time alerts generated by the system empower investigators, analysts and executives at LEAS and government agencies, helping prevent security threats.

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