Target Profiler- Intelligence Data from Social Media

BLER, which develops innovative security and cyber intelligence solutions, has developed the TARGET PROFILER, a system that gathers information about the targeted suspect from social networks and web apps, generating an accurate target profile from basic information.

Cellphones have become the main source of communication, transforming our freedom to communicate whether through conversation, messages or social media networks. The way people communicate with each other has changed, and today most of the communication between people is done through social networks and smartphone applications designed for calling and sending instant messages. "It’s exactly for this reason that BLER is developing systems for the gathering of data from applications on the internet", according to Efim Lerner, co-owner of BLER and Chief Technology Officer.

The Target Profiler, considered to be revolutionary in the open source intelligence (OSINT) investigation field, uses an innovative algorithm developed by BLER, which gathers intelligence information about potential suspects from sources such as social media and online network applications, and has the ability to create a detailed profile of suspects from basic information, whilst maintaining perfect anonymity throughout the search duration.

The information gathered is kept in a data range, using the systems innovative tools to analyze the data, the investigators and security officers are able to build an exact picture of the about suspects' activities on social media networks and internet, in order to gain a deeper understanding of their behavioral patterns, whilst identifying potential threats.

The Target Profiler allows the operator to create a profile based on a phone number alone. The system then continues to the next level; gathering information about the suspect's contact list, pictures, places visited, place of residence and work. The system, in fact, constructs a detailed identification card for the suspect. Furthermore, it knows to find connections between phones (contacts lists) from inside the suspect's device. It also recognizes verbal diversions or abnormal patterns, for example, in the case of a terror cell, leading up to an activity, when the content becomes more radical and violent. The system includes more special features such as advanced analysis that identify social relationships, preferences and common groups; location services; locating activity in market places in Dark Web; face recognition etc.

In case when an investigator has only a single thread credential like suspect's Email address or perhaps just an online nickname, the system has the ability to keep tracking and gathering essential information. Bler raised the information gathering abilities to the level where the investigator can seek information about a person, despite not having basic info such as a phone number. With regard to the complexity and data collection, it is important to note that the system has a very high level of accuracy, user friendly and integrative.

BLER’S leading development, the Target Profiler system, is already being used by Israeli and Asian Law Enforcement authorities and intelligence agencies. "We are definitely very proud of that fact that our systems have been recognized globally and are working successfully in intelligence and enforcement organizations worldwide", says Lerner. Bler aspire to become a leading player in the analytical search engines field, with the aim to enable civilian executives, government and military intelligence organizations to make educated, actionable decisions prior to performing any operations.

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